“There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.” ~ Vivienne Westwood

There truly is nowhere else like London! A week in and I can confidently say that I have fallen in love with this amazing city and country.

Buckingham Palace

I have been able to explore not only the amazing city but the rich countryside. London is a city that changes from tube station to tube station. You can get off at the King’s Cross Station (the famous Harry Potter one) and be surrounded by a beautiful brick building, or get off at the Barbican in be in the midst of modern apartments. From one stop to another you are continually reminded about the diversity and beauty of this some 9 million populated city. With my Oyster card I am able to hop on and off the busses and undergrounds of London. During my breaks I like to take mini adventures across the city. I have been able to go to the “Isabella Blow- Fashion Galore” exhibit at the Somerset House, take a stroll in a little park, had tea and scones with creme and jam, and been able to get lost.

King’s Cross Station- the modern view

London is a city that you can explore, and experience new things. On one day I will be in a small village that is riddled with rich history, and another day I will be watching a play that encompasses the brilliance of Shakespeare and the creativity of the producers of War Horse the play. London continues to surprise me. I love walking down the streets taking in the scents of savory pies being baked, the sounds of double decker buses whizzing by, and the feeling when the sun breaks through the buildings. I treasure each moment I get to just take it in, the magic of this city.

Barbican Theatre- Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream

On Sunday I was able to attend church at Hillsong London. The atmosphere and energy was amazing. Service took place in an old, still used theatre in the heart of London. Afterwards I was reminded of the life of the city that can so easily be overtaken by the quietness that comes when all the Londoners are away. Walking the streets after church was like walking through a ghost town. I was able to see the streets in a new light. Walking down familiar streets made me realize that London holds new mysteries brought out during the quiet and during the commotion.


London is truly like no other city, and I have only seen bits of it. Each day you can explore a new street or alleyway, and never repeat one. You can meet interesting people on the tube, see plays that will excited your imagination, and see seemingly insignificant things become the most remembered. London is a city to explored, and that is exactly what I have and will do.

Here are some links to the things I have been able to experience:


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