The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~ LaoTzu

That single step will be taken in just 25 days. 2014 has come to be and that means that this is the year I journey to England to live, learn, and work, the year that I explore my future, and the year that I will graduate from university! Excitement and anticipation is beginning to take over my emotions as I begin to get all my affairs in order to fulfill my first grand adventure of 2014. I have filled out the last document, double checked my flight, and have begun to make my first week plans! On February 1st I will step upon the plane that will begin my journey. Currently, I am in the midst of January Term at Pacific Lutheran University taking an extremely interesting and relevant Nonprofit Management class.

A few things about my career goals and why I am loving my nonprofit class: ever since I was a little girl I have always had the passion and yearning to help others. I would comfort crying babies at day care, and have taken the necessary steps to prepare me for a successful career in nonprofit work. I am currently the Programs Assistant at Palmer Scholars, a Tacoma based nonprofit that provides university/college scholarships to minority, underprivileged students.

While in London I will not only be taking university classes–Shakespeare the Dramatist and Britain Today–but I will be interning at Business Launchpad in their Operations and Development department. Business Launchpad’s mission is to provide practical, complete and personalized business guidance and support to young entrepreneurs who want to set up and run their own enterprise. I am extremely excited to come on board with this amazing organization, and learn about how a nonprofit works in the United Kingdom.

I will be updating this blog regularly in order to keep friends, family, and those supporting my journey updated about all of my adventures in and around England!

So, I hope that you check up with me as I take my first step on this remarkable journey. I am excited for this time in my life, and CANNOT wait to get over to London!

Love always,


P.S. Here are the links to the wonderful nonprofits I mentioned above:  and  Please feel free to explore them and who knows maybe you will find your yearning to help!


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